AMM700 Digital Mouse Pad

Get the best out of your mouse's performance


Wired USB 2.0



Top material

Micro textured cloth surface

Bottom material

Anti-slip Rubber Base

Hard surface mousepad

The right surface is essential to get the maximum out of your mouse. With a micro-textured cloth on top, this mouse can glide over the surface smoothly while the anti-slip rubber base on its back makes sure the pad stays in place at all times.



No matter what your gaming setup looks like, your new gear is 100% guaranteed to fit in visually: 16.8M RGB customisable backlightolours let you choose whatever shade you prefer and you can change it at any time.


Anti-slip Rubber Base

Why should you equip yourself only with the best items around, when being inside the game, but make compromises for your setup? This mousepad has an anti-slip rubber base, that ensures that no win will ever slip through your fingers.

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