Accessory AGM700

Capture the leader boards


Wired USB 2.0


AOC G-Tools (Windows 7 or newer)

Grip Style

Palm, Claw


Right handed

Number of buttons

8 (8 programmable)

On board memory

3 profiles


16000 Real DPI

Pixart 3389 gaming sensor with 16,000 DPI resolution

Equipped with a Pixart PMW3389 high end sensor with 16,000 true DPI, this mouse translates even the slightest movement of your hand into a precise, winning action in every game.



No matter what your gaming setup looks like, your new gear is 100% guaranteed to fit in visually: 16.8M RGB customisable backlightolours let you choose whatever shade you prefer and you can change it at any time.


Omron Switches

With Omron switches that allow up to 50 million keystrokes, the AGM700 is made to last. The mouse withstands even the most intense usage and keeps its precise mechanics thanks to its long durability.


On the flight DPI switch

Different games require different settings for your DPI. With an integrated switch, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of your mouse with just one click. The settings are applied immediately, without any delay.


Advanced weight tuning system

A set of five additional weight modules with 5g per unit lets you tune your mouse to give you the perfect handling. Not only can you adjust the weight to your personal liking, you can also benefit from different weights depending on which game you want to play: A lighter mouse elevates your skill if you need fast reactions, a heavier mouse gives you more control when exact motions are needed.


Personalize your Game

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